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Satellit 700


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Grundig Satellit 700 

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Grundig Satellit 700

The Grundig Satellit 700 offers incredible sound, and exceptional performance in a modest sized package. This Satellit covers longwave, AM, FM and shortwave from 1.6 to 30 MHz. Single Sideband reception is supported. This radio features 512 built-in alphanumeric memories. Additionally, three additional EPROM sockets are featured under a small door on the front of the Satellit 700. Each socket is capable of holding an optional 512 preset integrated circuit (for a maximum of 2048 memories). The large LCD shows you the precise frequency, time and other operational parameters. Direct keypad entry insures expeditious and exact tuning. The Satellit 700 features:  " Headphone Jack, S/Battery-Meter, Treble, Bass, Keypad, Clock, Dial Lamp, Sleep, Lock, FM Stereo, AGC, RDS, 9-10 kHz MW Step, DX-Local Switch, Carry Handle, Synchronous Detection. There are jacks for:  Record, Record Activation,and External Antenna [KOK].

Operates from 110/220 VAC or from four D cells or 12 VDC. Made in Portugal. 12.25 x 7.25 x 3 inches 4 lbs.

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