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Satellit 650


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Grundig Satellit 650 

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Grundig Satellit 650

The Grundig Satellit 650 may be best sounding portable shortwave radio ever built. A 30 watt audio amplifier, coupled with alenco magnet speakers and switchable tweeter combine to provide rich, room filling sound. Shortwave performance is enhanced by three available bandwidths and ANL. This radio features both an analog and 1 kHz digital displays. A separate BFO is provided for smooth CW or Single Sideband tuning. Tuning is via keypad, memories of manual tuning with a motor assisted preselector. Coverage is 148 to 30000 kHz to cover all longwave, medium wave, shortwave frequency. Outstanding FM broadcast band reception is also featured.

The Satellit 650 features:  " Headphone Jack, S/Battery-Meter, Treble, Bass, Keypad, ANL, 60 Memories, Wide-Medium-Narrow, Sleep, Lock, Carry Handle, KOK-type Antenna Jack, Dial Lamp, 24 hour Clock-Timer, Local-DX, Motorized Auto-Tune Preselector, 9/10 kHz MW Step. 32 of the 60 memories are available for shortwave. The rear panel also has an input voltage switch which may be set for 110 or 220 VAC.

Operates from 110/220 VAC or from six D cells (and two AA cells) or 12 VDC. Optional ACC476 rechargeable dryfit accumulator battery pack. Made in Portugal. 19.75 x 9.5 x 8 inches 19 lbs. (504x242x202mm 8.5 kg).

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